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The Various Probes Into My Twisted (although I think it's normal) Mind:


You can download and listen to these poems by clicking here (3 Meg, MP3 Format, zipped).  Or you can just go to my page located on the navigation table to the right.  Soon, I will add text versions of these poems.  Time people, give me time!  :) 

You'll get these poems:

76 DaYs.mp3
DeAR BoOk pt 1.mp3
DeAR BoOk pt 2.mp3
I ReMeMBer.mp3
Road Home.mp3
The CLoSEt.mp3
ThE WaLK.mp3
Untitled (i know).mp3

You can read a few of these in the Message Board here on this site.  You're also more than welcome to contribute to the Writers Corner if you desire.  All submissions are welcome!

All site content is written, painted, and recorded by Lisa Gorden - 2001.  I hold the copyright here people.  Be kind.  You may share, but please remember who gets the credit.